CS352: Foundations of Control Structures

Spring, 1997

Instructors: Vaughan Pratt & Rob van Glabbeek

Homeworks: Assignments will be handed out occasionally, mostly on Thursdays. They are due back a week after handing out.
Course credit: based on homeworks.

SYLLABUS (Subject to continuous change)

This year the course will focus on Chu spaces and other models of concurrency.

(VRP + RvG, April 1-3) Introduction

True concurrency.
Actions versus events versus transitions.
A two-dimensional classification of models of concurrency.

(RvG, April 8-10) Duality I

Handout April 8: The duality of prime event structures and automata
Handout April 10: Duality

(VRP, April 15-17) Chu spaces I

Handout April 17: Chu spaces

(RvG, April 22 - May 1) Process algebra: CCS/CSP/ACP

Handout: Notes on the methodology of CCS and CSP and a handwritten handout.

(VRP, May 6-15) Chu spaces II

The linear Logic of Chu spaces
Parallel Compositions of Chu spaces
Chu spaces as universal objects in mathematics

(RvG, May 20-29) Petri Nets, Event Structures, Configuration Structures and Process Graphs

Handout: Configuration structures

(RvG) Semantic Equivalences

Handout: The linear time branching time spectrum
and: True concurrency versus interleaving

(VRP + RvG, June 3) Modeling concurrency with geometry

Handout: HD automata.