CS154 registration

In order to give you credit for your homework, I need to have a classlist containing your name. Eventually, we get a classlist of all students officially registered for the course, but it arrives too late, and we don't want to type it in. Therefore, you need to register with me as well. This does not in any way relieve you from the need to register officially for this course through Stanford University.

To register for getting your homework graded, send an email to cs154registration@cs.stanford.edu. Only the first line in the body of that email will be read, and added to my classlist. It should start with your name, as used by University officials, in the form Last, First; following by an email address you want me to mail your homework grades to. That email address should be in angular brackets. Finally, your name as you write it on your homeworks.

Example: Glabbeek, Rob van <rvg@cs> Rob van Glabbeek

If you do not want to be emailed with grades, replace the email field with #. The last field is required.

Immediately after you register, you get an acknowledgment, send to the supplied address (if any).

Rob van Glabbeek rvg@cs.stanford.edu